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>>> bank of america was in the headlines after it announced lit start charging customers who use a debit card. fees and perks, banks offer. >>> red skins take on one to have worst teams in the nfl the rams and almost have a late game collapse. dave ross will join us, monday morning quarterback. fox 5 morning news continues now. >>> all right washington monument right now, sharing the spotlight once again here is a live look at the top, weather permitting, engineers will be back out continuing to check for damage. >>> glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. it is funny how kingly we forget cold weather. >>> what we can expect the rest of the day. >> it will be a cool day. cool temperatures again today and some rain showers out there. look at hd radar. you can see rain off to our west and rainfall east near annapolis and savena park. >>> here is a look at big picture satellite radar shows you we have plenty of cloud cover mostly cloudy skies again today an area of low pressure off to the nothing further and that is helping the north and that is helping kee
that crosses our desk on a daily basis that teaches us really what we are -- adversaries may be are thinking about. technologies or other capacities they really do have and what do we need to do to and large or maximize our ability to prevent something from occurring and our ability to respond and recover as quickly as possible. those things are happening simultaneously. lastly -- the department of homeland security has been the largest reorganization of the federal government since the creation of the department of defense. it has been immense. it is not until you are in it that you realize how our immense it actually is. as that reorganization has occurred it impacts other participants in the so-called interagency because for example the department of homeland security has a huge international footprint and we are negotiating international agreements all the time and we have people stationed in 75 countries around the world today. that culture which is relatively post 9/11 where ministers of the interior, homeland security secretary have their own international pathways to communicate and
currency bill. when it was discussed that these bills would be brought to the floor, many of us said we shouldn't even be considering these bills. 6,000 for colombia, perhaps 70,000 for korea, maybe 1,000 for panama. 77,000 jobs, that's significant. if in fact those numbers really bear out. let's assume they do for a moment. we are making a big deal out of 77,000 jobs which are a big deal, but how much bigger a deal is it to say we are ignoring the fact that we are losing over one million jobs per year because of the china man national park plays of their currency? the distinguished speaker has said if we push this bill, we will start a trade war with china. my, have i heard that song before. many of us have been fighting for a better relationship with china in terms of our trade relationship, and for at least two decades we have been fighting for opening of our markets to china to stop the piracy of our intellectual property, the list goes on. but this manipulation of currency, ok, the speaker says we are going to start a trade war, 20 years ago when we started this debate following ti
and forth, because it is a wonderful celebration. this afternoon, for those of us who were able to be at the luncheon, justice tawny is so amazing and there wilwonderful. she is one of my favorite filipinas. she really brings pride to all of us. it reminded me who we are in not only our communities but in our families. we're grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and wives. we are nieces and grandchildren. it is just remarkable who we are and of the footprint that we're going to leave. i was an award recipients in 2009. that was probably one of my proudest moments. i am getting cherry i when i think about it. my parents came down from seattle, and my parents have no idea what i do. all they know is that i show up on christmas and i bring gifts, but they have no idea what i do. so to stand amongst filipina 100 other amongsts and have it -- to stand up amongst one hand -- hundreds of other amazing filipinas with my parents that there was wonderful. the gala will be fabulous. but we are women, and we're women of color. and we are leaders. i do not want any of you to ever forget that. beca
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to high-speed internet to answer the areas of the u.s. tonight at 8:00 p.m. on c-span to. after european leaders struck a deal, the presidents of the european council addressed members of parliament. part of it includes a second rescue financial plan with banks taking a 50% of laws on greek that. this one hour debate include opening remarks. >> i come to both of you, dear president, thank you for coming. only six hours after the last conclusions on the euro summit. i would like to ask the president of european councils for taking the floor. >> thank you, mr. president. dear colleagues, good morning. as i said, only a few hours ago , all the institutions and governments have been spending a significant political capital on dealing with the debt crisis. the situation was involving into a systemic concern. it had to be contained. that is what we've done. last night was a crucial political step which still requires technical and legal follow-up. sometimes i hear complaints that markets do not give democracies at the time we need to get things approved. there is some truth in it. i am deeply
, with confidential sources working with the u.s. government. >> the complaint alleges this conspiracy was conceived and was sponsored from iran constitute a flake rapt use of international and u.s. law. >> reporter: reading from the pages of a hollywood script, the impact would have been real and many lives would have been lost. >> al-zabar was arrested on september 29th at jfk airport, new york city, and while the indictment was clear today saying the assassination was rooted in the differences between the irany and saudi government, the attorney general today, though, stopped short of saying that this plot had the direct blessing of the top iranian government officials itself, though. he did sate u.s. will take unspecified action against iran, and late this afternoon, the state department did begin imposing sangs on four individuals involved in financing parts of this plot. >> tom, at this point, have we had any response yet from iran? >> reporter: predictably, shawn, the iranian government dismissed it calling it a child story saying there was no credibility whatsoever. the u.s. was quick in tan
refrained, because i don't believe anything that could be said at this hearing was going to provide us satisfactory answer as to whether there is an effort or intent to time these penalties to effect to these official hearings. so i will be sending written questions and requests for documents to provide complete answers to the question of the timing of this. the fact that the citations were two originally occurred the week of the first hearing and subsequently happened just last night before this hearing strikes me as one of extreme coincidence. perhaps it is, and i intend to find out when i asked for the requests so with that, i will dismiss the first panel and thank you very very much for coming. if there are further follow-up questions, i would ask each of you to respond in a very timely manner as you possibly can. so i dismiss the first panel and at the same time call the second panel. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> as i mentioned i want to call the second panel. mr. ray dempsey, mr. bill mr. james beeman.
will vote on the nomination of stephen a. higginson to serve as u.s. circuit judge fifth circuit. this is a seat that has been deemed by our statistics as a judicial emergency. this is the 15th judicial nomination that we will confirm this month. with this vote today, we have confirmed 51 article 3 judicial nominees during this congress. 30 of those confirmations have been for judicial emergencies. despite this brisk level of activity, we continue to hear complaints, too many complaints, unjustified complaints about the lack of real progress by the senate. let me set the record straight regarding the real progress that the senate has made. and this is in regard to president obama's judicial nominees. we have taken positive action on 87% of the judicial nominations submitted before this congress. the senate has confirmed 71% of president obama's nominees since the beginning of his presidency, including two of the most important supreme court justices. we continue to remain ahead of the pace set forth in the 108th congress under president bush. so far we have held hearings on 85% o
bridge early this wednesday morning. it is october 12th, 2011 now. glad you're with us bright and early at 5:00 a.m. maybe not so bright but dim early this morning. good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to tony perkins. he is in with the latest on a rainy, rainy day today. >> yes, we'll see some showers today. let's take a look at hd radar. you can see already this morning where we are seeing shower activity. it is just scattered around the region, all around the washington area, down to our south. not everybody is getting rain but there are showers scattered around. that is kind. the way it will be through the course of date today. it won't rain constantly all day long in any one location but there will be periods of rain. let's take a look at the temperatures. a mild start to the day. 65degrees right now here in washington. 63 at dulles airport. 64 in baltimore. fredericksburg is at 64. hags are up two, you are at 59 degrees this morning. forecast for today look like this. plenty of clouds around. a little bit coole
. showers and thunderstorms, and strong storms there, too, reaching into west texas. texas could use the rain, too. they might even put up severe weather to soak things up a little bit. that rain down in florida that may eventually prove to be our undoing with this great weather. again, that is several days away. we'll talk about the insta-weather plus forecast weekend forecast coming up in just a minute. >> 6:30 this morning, trying to break a cold case. this morning, 78-year-old palmer's was found dead in his room. >> 11 news spoke to palmer's wife and has more. >> i will never forget how i found him. you you never expect to find your husband dead in the basement when you left him making a sandwich. >> evelyn palmer was only gone 20 minutes, but in that time, someone came into their home and stabbed her husband multiple times. he was 78 years old. >> there is little evidence to go on to describe what happened, whether it was a robbery or a motive or another motive. >> i lost my best friend and my husband. i couldn't imagine being without him. >> this weekend marks the 100th anniver
. now, the rest of our troops will be home for the holidays. >> molly: why now? u.s. and iraqi officials say they couldn't come to an agreement on legal protection, meaning protection from lawsuits for american soldiers stationed in iraq. >> molly, some republicans say this was a failure of diplomacy by the obama administration. there were negotiations for a different scenario, tell us more about that. >> molly: and several presidential candidates say the president and his diplomatic team should have pushed for some kind of agreement to keep a contingent of troops in mc. romney put out a statement the unavoidable question is whether this is naked political kliags or ineptitude in negotiations -- >> and they put out a statement in every case where the united states has liberated a people from dictator's rule we have cut troops to ensure a peaceful transition and protect the fragile growing democracy. >> and costly protracted war in iraq, they say it's strengthened iran's influence but president obama says bringing home the troops will allow the u.s. to focus on rebuilding our own economy.
, each one of us was put on death row. and right now, you have 135 people have been exonerated from death row. what would be the charge? at of the 138 who were prosecuted, 45 or 40-45 of them was for prosecution misconduct. i am just wondering, since he said that he would prosecute, he would prosecute on what level? >> i do not know the facts behind those cases. >> this is a person who was innocent, but they withheld the evidence to prosecute him on death row. well with the deficit -- will they be charged with? >> we would look for a level of intent and knowledge of the prosecutor had at the time and we would make an assessment. >> with a charge them for murder? >> attempted murder? >> i do not know that there would be an answer i could give to you. i do not know the circumstances. >> just one more simple question. >> i have a question. you mentioned that there were 40 instances of people who were exonerated because of misconduct by prosecutors. have any of those people been prosecuted? the district attorney has been prosecuted? >> their work -- there was one in louisiana, roger jordan. >
are coming home from iraq for good in a few weeks. a special good morning to the men and women watching us on the american forces network all around the world, thank you for what you do. we are going to start with herman cain this morning, under fire from his republican rivals. this time for recent comments he made about abortion. and what a platform they had to take shots at him last night. a major gathering of christian conservatives in iowa. shannon travis is in des moines. >> reporter: a big night here in des moines, iowa. the iowa faith and freedom coalition, a gathering of 1,000 iowans, many of them christian evangelicals. six presidential candidates came to court their vote. rick perry, michele bachmann, rick santorum, ron paul, newt gingrich and herman cain. herman cain was on the hot seat because of comments he made to our very own piers morgan earlier this week. he was talking about the issue of abortion. he made very clear, unequivocally, he's pro-life, but asked about what about in cases of rape or incest and his answer was interpreted by some people by leaving some room he wou
? give us a call, send us an e- mail or tweet, or post on our facebook page. 14% of the public approves of the job that congress is doing according to the latest poll, lower than the other elections when the majority partner -- party is on the verge of losing power in the house. they asked several questions about the approval rating of congress, with little hope of what that deficit reduction committee could do. when they passed how likely that republicans and democrats will agree on a deficit reduction plan, 20% say it is likely, a 24% say that it is unlikely. -- 74% say that it is unlikely. they also ask if they could not agree, that is, the super committee, do you support or oppose major cuts from military and domestic programs? 57% oppose that idea, 36% supported. on president john -- on president obama's approval rating, it slipped from 47% before the debt ceiling debate, to 42% now with 54% disapproving, a record low 35% approve of his handling of the economy. this is a change from september when they were evenly split at 42% each. some republicans say that the comparison between
for these brave astronauts. the legislation before us today, s.con.res. 29, authorizes the use of the capitol rotunda on november 16, some 43 days hence, to formally make the award. i support the resolution and urge all members to support it as well and i thank you, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: jackson the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from mississippi reserves. the gentleman from pennsylvania. . >> i thank the gentleman from mississippi and i ask my colleagues to support this resolution and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from mississippi. >> mr. speaker, i'd like to thank chairman lungren and ranking member brady for their support on this matter and i urge my colleagues to support this concurrent resolution and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the question is will the house suspend the rules and agree to senate concurrent resolution 29. those in favor say
and in petersburg, west virginia, some fog up there. the rest of us looking real good. we'll look nice and sunny this afternoon. your high temps will be in the 70s. monika stepping in. she's got your latest update on timesaver traffic now in the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> we'll first take a live look from sky 9 down at the beltway northside of town on the inner loop right here between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. if you look closely, on the left side of your screen there, there is rough pavement from the overnight construction and we have gotten some complaints about this from drivers so be aware of that this morning. on the inner loop. luckily, it is against the rush hour flows. you can see on the right side, outer loop is looking just fine. let's go over to our maps. otherwise, i'm giving it the green light. no problems to report here on the beltway on the southside of town. we're going to go over to virginia on the northbound side of i-95, had a little bit of volume reported from lorton into springfield and fine on to 395. let's take a live look from edsal road toward duke street. no delay
at the same conclusion. i started at san quentin in 1978, after graduating. i went there, a small number of us had college degrees. the old guard would say, everyone will tell you that they're innocent. and in my 26 years, i never had anyone say that they were innocent. including the jewish chaplains clerk. i think 17 or 18 years -- he wasn't tolerated. santa then you learn that many more innocent people have been found around the country, and this really should cause all of us to rethink in criminal justice what we think that we know. there is science out there that is not known to us that will prove that we have been wrong about many things. the death penalty is still final. this man is trying to struggle with the fact that he probably executed an innocent person. we should not ask this of anyone in our society. [applause] >> i want to say one other thing. how have your former colleagues handled your conversion on this issue? has this been greeted with support? >> i have received much support, and nothing that has been negative. having spent 30 years in criminal justice, it is interesting to
. answered. (cover) 02:38 "deannaaalways told us she was gonna be her daughter's voice... would make her a star one day.that (mom) 06:03 "my baby's onnthe lord's choir right now."now, deanna's parents... carry n her voiie... ffr a cause ccooe to their hearrs.(dad) 13:22 "it's jjst confirmaaion that god hassggven us to do... in her ame."it was may 2006... when deanna was killed bb an electrical voltage on this ball field. she was stretching before a game when she leaned into a fence... with a live ccrrant. (mom) 18832 "she was, she'ddbeen shocked... did she faint or what." (dad) 14:06 "people werre praying over her. at the time &pthey could not do cpr... i know she felt the prayers." have made it possible for themm to cope...(mom))15:14 "i tell ya, it's only made our faith ptronger."ann given them the strength to lobby for new safety reguuations... which the public service commission finally approved on friday. (mom) 22:522"i don't know that people realize hoo much of a victorr it is."utility companies wwll now be required to conducc surveys twice a year - across the statt... using
to expand economic opportunity, to make the u.s. stronger and more secure. her historic campaign for president created 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, and made it clear to every girl in america that anyone can be president of united states. and, of course, as secretary of state at the moment of great change in the world, secretary clinton reasserted and redefine america's global leadership, and secured it for the 23rd century. she saw sustained american leadership as a key to advancing our values and creating a world where more people can live up to their potential, "we still call the american dream. she has elevated the role of economics in foreign policy and has transformed the way america conduct development, partnering with new institutions and actors in emerging power. she championed civilian national security institutions and worked to make them effective partners with our military. she is our rock star diplomat. secretary clinton, welcome. [applause] >> thank you, john. thank you all. it is wonderful to be here with a lot of familiar faces. it is also good to see s
attempted murder and a use of weapons of mass destruction. he was trying to sell off explosives in his underwear. he's expected to get a life sentence. >>> on another terror plot foiled a plan to cincinnati the saudi arabiaian ambassador to the u.s. now a worldwide warning has been issued for all americans. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton wants iran held accountable for the alleged plot. she called a dangerous escalation of iran support of terrorism. >> this kind of reckless act undermine international norms and the international system. >> reporter: prosecutors charged 56-year-old with planning a foiled scheme of killing saudi ambassador as he died at a washington restaurant. u.s. officials believe the iranian government had a hand in directing the country's first attack on american soil. they have stepped up their sanctions on iran's government and now asking other countries to do the same. >> join us in condemning this threat to international peace and security. >> reporter: state department leaders want to get the support of other countries in condemning iran. th
austin jackson. >> tim: right on the money! again, mike napoli telling us that he loves to catch and not d.h. because then he is right in the middle of the action. and was he ever then. the tag at home plate. and now the throw to get jackson. >> joe: raburn with the bases empty fouls it. and the count 1-1. i don't know if napoli and mike scioscia his former manager with the angels always saw eye-to-eye. i think napoli wanted to be more the regular catcher with the angels, but he was taught by one of the better fundamentally schooled catchers in the game in mike scioscia. and the rangers are reaping the benefits of that. >> tim: i think mike scioscia from a teacher's standpoint and a manager's standpoint is about as good as it gets. that is not an easy pitch to throw. because your transfer has got to be longer. you make the one-handed catch inside. he has to bring the glove around. you have to have quick hands to do that. napoli got his man. >> joe: now the count is 3-1 on raburn. with the big guy on deck. two out, nobody on. raburn was taking, it looked like. it's a full count. g
and the accident has changed their lives and his nephew's. >> he talked to us, about god he got to us, reading the bible, you know, by himself, he regrets a lot over what happened you know, all the spanish community ... >> reporter: now sentencing in this case is scheduled february of next year, and the felony murder charge, that he was found guilty of today carries alone a maximum of 40 years in prison. defense argued today they considered this an accident there was no malicious intent he never intended to kill anyone during the accident but given his two prior dui convictions and arguments today, the judge did of course side with prosecution, defense is telling us today, lawyers are saying they do plan to likely appeal this case. that is the latest here in prince william county back to you. >> thank you. >>> now to the lululemon murder trial for the first time since testimony began the issue of motive was argued in court. the state attorney allowed the judge in the case to allow testimony shows jay that murray may have confronted brittany norwood over stolen merchandise but defense objected.
to police and talked to us as we were standing out here today. the cab was parked here on pond street right where the channel 9 vehicle is right now. back there is anacostia avenue northeast. according to our witness and the man who talked to police, the suspect pulled the cab driver out of the cab, put him on the sidewalk, stripped him of his clothes and demanded money. the cab driver more than once repeated, i don't have any money. the suspect went through the cab looking for cash, came back, put a bullet into the head of the cab driver. he was able to dial 911 and then he put the cab somehow in reverse and backed into the park where he apparently died. now, according to court papers and our witness, the suspect fled this way and this is where police found the cab driver's wallet, his identification, and some clothing belonging to the suspect. >> court documents say hishad has been charged. he was in the custody of the dc government's services. a sign to a community based group home. but sources say slye had walked away, ignoring curfew this past weekend after he was denied a pass to vi
with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 267. the nays are 144. the bill is passed. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. for what purpose does the gentleman from ohio rise? >> mr. speaker, i ask for unanimous consent to remove myself as a co-sponsor of h.r. 13890. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. chabot: thank you. mr. speaker, i further ask unanimous consent that the committee on the judiciary have until 5:00 p.m. on thursday, october 20, to file a report to accompany h.r. 822. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. chabot: mr. speaker, in addition i also ask unanimous consent that when the house adjourns today it adjourn to meet at 11:00 a.m. on tuesday, october 18, 2011, and when the house adjourns on that day it adjourn to meet at 10:00 a.m. on friday, october 21, 2011. and when the house adjour
. so i'll call on the president today. mr. president, help us with the united states senate to pass these bipartisan, commonsense measures that will get our economy moving once again. >> good morning. as the speaker said, the president has been traveling around the country saying we can't wait. and we believe that as well and we're not waiting. we are saying, these are the items that we feel we can work together on with this president and unify the country towards helping an economy grow again. and that's what today's passage of this bill is about on 3% withholding measure. it's about jobs. i know at home in my richmond area district some of my counties are telling me this withholding measure if it were to go into effect, over the last two years would cost at least $15 million. again, this will be money taken out of the private sector, out of the hands of small business men and women and putting it into the coffers of the federal government. that's exactly what we don't need right now. i also heard from the virginia commonwealth university system which said that this withholding req
's debt problem problems. "washington journal" is next. host: a live view of the u.s. capitol in which the marine corps marathon is taking place here and the house and senate are in session. that is important because we have had this on again off again schedule the last couple of weeks. the deficit reduction committee with another public meeting actuals. the president in washington until thursday then goes to france for the g-20 summit. social security no longer paying for itself and adding to budget problems. "des moines register" a new poll giving the lead to herman cain and mitt romney. with caucuses taking place in january and "new york times" reporting troops will be repositioned to kuwait. we will begin on this sunday morning with your calls and comments on the issue of the presidential executive orders and the u.s. constitution, the speaker of the house weighing in this. the numbers are on the screen. host: we will also take your tweets and you can sends us an e-mail. we begin with this editorial tame for boehner and -- time for boehner and house republicans to bring obama to he
carefully the fine print first. >>> wal-mart, toys r us and other retailers are bringing back layaway this holiday season. you need to know things before you plan on using layaway. the big one, there are fees that go along with the convenience. >> when you first acquire the item you are going to be paying a service fee. you need to be aware of what that is. you need to be very aware of what the grace periods are, so you don't trip up and lose the item. >>> if you miss the payments, you will have to pay a restocking fee and that is usually between $15 and $30. >>> a northern virginia food pan pantry is going to reopen its doors. last week the acts food pantries announced it just didn't have enough food to help people any more. after we featured their story, literally tons of food came in a long with cash donations. this afternoon the pant trillion will reopen to the public today. >>> in another tail of generosity, we told you about juan mitchell. he relied on the acts food pantry to get his family fed. he also relied on a power washer. someone stole the power washer from his truck, ove
people expect us to work together to find common ground. i am hopeful we will be able to do that. >> to you see the result for the super committee? how you define that? >> it is outlined in the legislation that set it up. $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction. >> by spent time on the bill if it will not go anywhere in the senate? >> we have done for five solid job creation bills this week. this bill was part of our pledge for a america. we are keeping our word to the american people. >> what is your preference on how you will move forward on the appropriations bill? are you going to break down into smaller and medium? >> i have been reluctant to even consider the idea on the appropriation bill. a lot of conversations going on. we are trying to come to an agreement on the 30 to be allocations for each of the appropriations subcommittees. i would hope we could reach an agreement on those spending levels for each of the subcommittee's decision so that those appropriate chairman can sit down and begin to work through some of those bills. no decision has been made in terms of exactly how
it again that is all for us tonight. >> thank you very much. >> that's kathy bates. that's all for us tonight. >>> good saturday morning. the president of iran says he loves you. it's just your government he has a problem with. >>> 14 million people out of work in this country, yet one business owner can't find 20 people to hire because some unemployed are gaming the system, at least according to this business owner. >>> also $10,000 for a single phone call. an nfl player is fined by the league, but when you hear who he called, you might think it was well worth it. >>> welcome to this cnn saturday morning for october 22nd. 6:00 a.m. in atlanta, georgia. 5:00 a.m. in fayetteville, arkansas. 4:00 a.m. salt lake city. >>> u.s. troops will be home for the holidays and the war in iraq will be over. that's the promise made by president obama who said troops are coming home by the end of the year. chris lawrence has more on what this move really means for the future of u.s. involvement in iraq. >> reporter: there are some important reasons why the president had to make this announcement but
. they believe they searched the area before and he wasn't there. joining us now, thank you very much. sheriff tony from caroline county working closely with hanover county. sheriff, first of all, five days later the hope was justified. >> well, you know, never give up, that's it. have faith. have hope. pray, i know the family. i know the grandmother very well. she works for us for a little bit of time. i know her better than i do the mother. i told her every day. i said norma jean, we're going to find robert. >> have you spoken to them? >> i have not gotten ahold of norma because i got the call around 2:00 or so. he said we have a spotting. we spot him. but yes, they found, they think he has been spotted and i came from caroline county down. we join together, we were there. we were there and we saw little robert. >> how is he? how was he? >> well, the best thing that we could have seen and which we did see, he was looking at us. you could see those blue eyes looking at you. i said how are you? you could see his eyes move. you knew he was coherent. >> how did he seem to you? >> he seeme
today? >> he was shocked. he was shocked. >> reporter: and his son, partnery, refused to talk with us on camera. a court date has yet to be set. live outside of the detention center, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> what a mess, jeb jessica. -- jessica. thank you. >>> drug smugglers are getting increasingly more creative, in their attempt to get drugs into the united states. mary is in the newsroom with the surprising picture you have to see to believe. >> reporter: customs and border protection officers at dulles made the surprising discovery. take a look. cocaine-filled bedpost knobs. they arrived as part of a group of goods carried by a courier from el salvador. agents were experience suspicious and called for some of the items to be x-rayed. and that's when they found the cocaine inside the bed posts. the drug his a street value more than $17,000 and were bound for a location in new york. >> the courier was apparently unaware of what he was transporting and was sent back to el salvador. >>> a plot to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the fuzz. -- to the uni
on tv. that's what we used to always do. >> police say they initially had some encouraging leads, but none of them panned out. >> i can tell detectives are working, but it is hard when nothing is being done. >> we are confident someone will come forward and share the information they know. >> she is making an emotional plea to someone to help start the healing process. >> maybe someone will remember. maybe someone saw something coming out of here at that time. maybe they were leaving through the alley. maybe this will bring back the memory. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> palmer's family will gather for a vigil in his honor tonight. if you have information, you are asked to call homicide. >> the search is on for the suspect that stormed a baltimore county convenience store yesterday morning. that brazen robbery ended with a customer in the hospital. kim dacey has more. >> 7:00 a.m., friday morning. two men wearing masks, wielding handguns stormed into this farm on east joppa road in towson. >> it occurred at a busy time. in addition to the clerks, there were a number of cus
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, the organizers of this event here at freedom plaza are at this hour meeting with representatives of the u.s. park police to determine what happens next now that the four-day permit for the use of freedom plaza expired. before they left, the organizers told this crowd they are going nowhere until they are ready to leave. the organizing group took down the stage where they led rallies, made speeches. they cleaned up freedom plaza. their four-day permit expired last night and were told to leave by 2:00 p.m. >> we haven't gotten threats. we don't think they are going to come in. doing that would be a big mistake. it would result in more people coming to support us. >> reporter: people piled backpacks and bed rolls for safekeeping if they are taken to jail. they have written the phone numbers on their arms to reach legal representatives. they intend to stay. a disabled vietnam veteran is protesting against the wars in afghanistan and iraq. the possibility of your getting arrested? >> 100%. >> reporter: meaning? >> 100% that i will get arrested. >> reporter: do you want to be arrested? >> yes. >> repor
, there are a few of us in the house trying to get our troops back home before 2014, 2015. mr. speaker, i have beside me a photograph of a triple amputee, a soldier with his wife who's lost both legs and an arm. yesterday, i noted to the doctor who was escorting me around that i saw more double amputees than ever before. saw some down in the rehabilitation -- excuse me -- rehab center and saw those in the rooms that have not gotten to that point yet because of their severe wounds. he said, congressman, the number of double amputees is going up every week, every month and it will continue to go up. my question to the leadership of the house, why don't you speak out? both parties and call on mr. obama to bring the troops home before 2015. it's kind of ironic. we got hit pretty hard, like most of the states, all the way up to vermont by the hurricane. and it was so ironic last week that we passed a continuing resolution that had $2.65 billion for fema to help those who have been hurt by wildfires and hurricanes. $2.75 billion. yet, we found billions to spend in iraq and afghanistan. how does that
shadowed by the scandals. >> reporter: council member jack evans used the strongest language, saying the rules should be clear. if a council member violates them, they lose their seat. >> and what are the penalties for violating the laws? you can't legislate and say someone has to be honest, you know and that is inherent in people in the government. and if they're not, the penalty has to be severe enough that they can't sib longer. >> reporter: the creation of an educations enforcement board. stronger control over constituent funds and tomorrow limits and a rule council members can't have outside work. >> i view the hearing as an duped for the city and for all of us to have a fresh start in a new deal. i think we need to view this as where we want to be five, 10, 15, 20 years down the road. >> reporter: couple chairman brown who is under -- council chairman brown who is under federal investigation, tapped part of the meeting. although he's been criticized for the fully loaded suv and ising investigated for alleged campaign violations, he said he support ons -- supports new strong eth
off. they employ about 70 people. it's all the more reason the owner told us he has reached out to contractors to start rebuild. fire investigators are still looking for the cause. >>> weather wise for all the trick or treaters, i think the weather is holding up pretty nicely. a few showers approaching western maryland have not made it in yet. there's a little bit of rain south of richmond, virginia. as we look at some of the temperatures, to the north mid to upper 40s. so it is chilly points north. i think we'll fall steadily through the 50s and into the 40s. cloudy and cool, perhaps a shower or two. we have much more coming up. >>> for those of you who took this weekend to pack it up for the sarasota or the keys, we're july lus-- jealous. those who went north, went right into the teeth of the storm. >> reporter: all it took is one winter pounding to make northeasterners long for those days when the summer hit from a hurricane was the biggest fear. it turns out this year's most freakish weather event was a snowstorm. no trick or treaters. >> it's too dangerous. >> reporter: som
.m. on this wednesday morning glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour the latest on our forecast from tony perk kins. >>> good -- perkens. >>> good morning to you. >>> good morning to you. good morning everybody, rain showers this morning take the umbrella with you. it is not pouring rain but there are scattered showers. take a look let's start with showing you our first map there you go you can see the shower activity now. we have been seeing mostly light and moderate rain it does look like maybe there are areas of heavy rain, spilling in down to the south well off to the west and west earn maryland, garrett county, places like that pushing into pennsylvania, maybe a little activity down to the south we watched that move and it is dissipating. more of the same. here is a look at temperatures across the region, 65 degrees now in washington, 63 baltimore, dulles airport 63 degrees, ocean city, 66 winchester, 59. forecast today, plenty of clouds across the region, periods of rain today, a little breezy this morning and a coastal flood advisory in effect for parts of the ar
. glad you're with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. a lot of people may not be looking to saturday. it will be crazy in the weather department. >> are the weather people allowed in here. >> can you come in. >> i cooperate believe it when i woke up and tucker is telling me this. >> we expected this, the cold air to work its way in here and so it has. today will be a cool day as expected. the most interesting thing obviously about the forecast is we are talking about some snow for some of our viewers for tomorrow. that is rather extraordinary for late october. we'll get to that in a moment. let's take a look at the current sentinel radar. you can see across our region, we had precipitation yesterday, of course, as expected. there is some precip showing up in southwestern portions of virginia according to this particular radar image. i'm not certain that is anything of any significance. tucker and i will chat about that a little bit later on. looks like this may be some moisture there. more rainfall and precipitation well out to the
and also the u.s. house of representatives. one of the reasons why the legislation didn't clear the senate yesterday is how difficult it is to get 60 votes to clear procedural hurdles in the united states senate. even if all democrats had voted for the legislation, you still would have needed another seven republicans. so you're going to see the white house as well as senate democrats and congressional democrats go back to the well to see what can get 60 votes in the senate and also, a majority support, 218 votes in the house. >> and senator reid pulled back voting no so they could talk about it again in the future. >> right. that's a procedural move you see time and time again when the majority ends up losing a vote. that the majority leader would decide to vote against it so they can bring it up again. >> we've got a long way to go with this one. we'll talk about it. great to see you. >>> the news nation also following breaking news right now at the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. let's take a live look at the courtroom where a cardiologist from the california medical boa
wanted to immerse myself in something that a lot of us think we know but really, truly don't is because almost every book begins with a lot of questions. and i had these questions. where did we come from and what did it take for us to get here? what was the world that the seem in this book left? what would propel six million americans to leave the only place that they'd ever known for a place that they'd never seen in hopes that life might be better? what did it take for them to get out? be how did they choose the places that they went? how did they make a way for themselves where they landed? and why didn't they talk about it? and the goal for the book was to have all of us think about and ask ourselves what would we have done had we been in their places, what would we have done? now, the subtitle of the book, the book is, of course, called "the warmth of other suns," and the subtitle is "the epic story of america's great migration." so it would appear that it's about the great migration, but in actuality this book is really about the forebearers of all americans really. these people a
majority. . the american people want us to take up jobs, they want us to take up the american jobs act which 3/4 of the american people want us to consider. or we could vote on the china currency legislation which would save a million jobs and has the support of a majority of the members in this body but again we're instead pursuing the republicans' ideological agenda, forcing us to relitigate a very divisive issue. every woman in america should be very concerned about this assault on women's health. let us begin the debate with a very clear understanding of the facts. the federal funding of abortion is already, and has been for a long time, prohibited under the hyde amendment. except in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. furthermore, the affordable care act prohibits the use of u.s. taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. that is why the catholic health association said, we are confident that the health care reform does not allow federal funding of abortions and that it keeps in place important conscience protections for care givers and institutions alike. i repeat.
. but like all truly useful problems in the world, having this problem not even solving this problem, just having this problem has helped us at this show gain some valuable insight. in this case, into the today's -- into the most important story in today's news. you may remember a story that we did recently about an awesome anti-nazi t-shirt in germany. a few months ago we covered this story of a white power rock concert taking place in eastern germany and a genius anti-nazi, anti-racism group decided to hand out these t-shirts at the rock show. the first 250 racist skin heads to enter that concert received these t-shirts which aren't particularly overtly racist or anything but look nationalist-ish. they have the right kind of skinheady iconography. these people created crazy t-shirt technology, where once neo nazis proudly wore this t-shirt and laundered them. en the t-shirt came out of the reading in german, quote, what your t-shirt can do, you also can do. we will help you free yourself from right wing extremism. we covered this story back in august. we've since been trying to get actua
me us. good morning. how did they get tricked? >> they're thinking they were lured there. they're saying the nypd lured them to this area. the protesters have been camping out the past two weeks at this park a few blocks from wall street. yesterday, their numbers swelled during that march across the brooklyn bridge. they were supposed to stay on the pedestrian path but spilled over on to the rote and closed off traffic as mentioned. nypd arrested some 700 protesters criticizing police for using excessive force yesterday and several incidents over the past two weeks. >> it was civil disobedience. it's still disobedience. but we were being peaceful. we weren't doing anything bad. they weren't only arresting young kids either. they were arresting elderly woman and a 13-year-old girl. >> we realize that the marches stopped, the -- we couldn't leave. if we left, we tried to turn around and go back, that's when they would arrest you. >> the protesters are expected to be back out today. they've been speaking out about big government, about how they feel that there's social inequality
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